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Three weeks out and needed to upgrade to king size. He said they would do it for adfitional 700.00. the king is only 200.00 more. The sad thing is we are returning customer. Salesmen was of no assistance. There are too many mattress retailers out there to deal with poor customer service. Read more

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I bought a plush mattress two months ago and haven't had a good night sleep since. They will take the thousand dollars I gave them and put it toward a mattress upgrade...but it's an incredible amount of work to get a king size mattress down the stairs from the second floor. And how would I know the replacement would be any better.

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I purchased a queen platform or "bunk" because the original box spring would not fit up the stairway in my daughter's new home. I went to the OMF because a. I had purchased 2 queen box springs and mattresses previously from OMF, and b. my daughter's new housemate had purchased the a split box spring from OMF as her room is also on the second floor. After telling the salespeople what my problem was, I was given the choice of the platform or the... Read more

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We have purchased so many mattresses from OMF. Love their stores. No pressure selling. Love their delivery schedule. Friendly and courteous. Mattress quality too notch. Repeat customer for many years.

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Purchased one ($1400) delivered on 3-Apr-2015. Had service check the mattress because it was getting dips at the hip points, they said there was nothing wrong. Mattress just keeps getting worse. My back hurts everyday. Getting rid of this crappy thing when my Sleep Number bed is delivered. BTW, I followed maintenance instructions religiously. It almost takes two people to flip the mattress. Purchased one ($1400) delivered on 3-Apr-2015. Had... Read more

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My wife and I have had one of their lousy king beds for about 2 years now and I can say with absolute certainty that this is the worst bed we have ever owned. I cannot wait to get rid of this POS. We have both developed back pain from this bed and have not had a good nights sleep in months. I cannot wait to get rid of it. If I lived on a farm or acreage I would derive great pleasure from putting this bed in a bonfire and dancing around the... Read more

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I highly recommend anyone who wants to consider the Original Mattress Factory to go someplace else. I purchased a Serenity PLUSH mattress and box set. After almost 30 days the mattress smells so bad that I cannot sleep on it. I took a 2 hour nap on it and woke up with a sore throat, nasal congestion, headache and achy joints. The company does not want to return my money. This was a $1,700 mistake. Whatever they put in that mattress is deadly and... Read more

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You don't always get what you pay for! Expensive and started sagging within a few weeks. Save yourself some headaches ( and backaches) and pass on this place. We bought the Europlush and have been sorry ever since. There is a big hump going down the middle of the mattress!

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I was not informed when I purchased a mattress that if it was to be returned and exchanged, I will NOT get the difference of price back! After spending hours of trying other mattresses (I even took in my pillow and a fitted sheet to test to make sure I chose the right one), at no point did the sales staff inform me of this nor gave me the opportunity to read the disclaimer. Still going through the process of rectifying this as it was a $1000... Read more

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I bought the top of the line Europlush mattress for $1800 and was horrified to find how uncomfortable my first night sleep was. This bed was recommended as a side sleeper to me. Within a month of side sleeping, both my shoulders were so sore I could barely lift my arms at work. Never did I imagine I would be unhappy with this bed, so I neglected to pay attention to the return policy or lack of. They will only offer an exchange within their line.... Read more

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