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We bought a demo model latex mattress from OMF 4 years ago at a slightly reduced rate. Should've been a lot less! Within a few months-even with regular rotation-there were 2 very distinct valleys in the mattress. It was a big expense for us & it's taken us this long to get around to buying another one. Crazy. Lots of lost sleep. My neighbor kept telling me to call & complain but our bill of sale... Read more

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This is the SECOND king-size set I've bought from OMF. The first--bought 12 years ago (Orthopedic Extra Firm) was way too hard, but I chalked that up to my own mistake in ordering a too-firm bed. After many years of sleeping in the guest room, I decided to give it another go. Our second king-size set (Regency Luxury Firm) from the Original Mattress Factory was delivered last weekend and is... Read more

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Purchased an adjustable mattress and was told I could purchase jersey sheets at the Fairfield store. Drove to the Fairfield store and they didn't know what I was talking about. So I now have an adjustable full size bed, at a cost of $2500.00 that I can't find jersey sheets or a decent mattress cover that fit. I most likely will never buy from that company again. I have now started to shop at... Read more

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I never write reviews, but I am making an exception hoping that I can stop anyone else from making the same mistake I did. We purchased 3 mattress from these people. One for each of my children and one for ourselves. Ours was a posturpedic model. Within 2 years it was sagging and the most uncomfortable mattress ever. My older daughters was 4 years and was sagging( I put a string across the... Read more

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I am so disappointed in The Original Mattress Factory. The adjustable base of the bed broke after 3 days, it was covered under warranty, but the manufacturer was rude and reluctant to get it fixed. The base is on wheels, yet its not supposed to roll... and casters don't work good at all, so I'm always scared to use the adjustable base, which completely defeats the purpose of the extra $1000... Read more

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Within TWO days our mattress sunk in and hurt horribly. Took almost two weeks to hear from them. Called the store and got the 'run around' of factory standards. I had taken apart the mattress we had replaced (badly warped). The foam and fiber content was MUCH higher and better content than what we got! Go to and get their 2.5" mattress pad (we also had an inch mattress pad... Read more

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I bought a mattress for the Original Mattress Factory. It is one of the most uncomfortable mattress and box springs I have every sleep on. The product is bad and the company service is worse. The company refuses to comply with what they advertise. I would never recommend anyone buying any of their products. The company wanted cut the mattress open, to look at the inside and not replace the... Read more

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I also heard a radio commercial to go to website to register to win $500 but did not see a link Add comment

Yes...the commercial says to go to website to register to win $500. There was no contest on the website Add comment

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I have owned an Orthopedic Luxury Firm queen mattress for three months. The middle measures about 13 in while the seamed sides are only 9.5 inches. Each end of the mattress starts dropping off about six inches from the end. Being slightly over six ft this leaves my head and feet unsupported. Customer service gave me foam to prop up the edges which did not help. They do not acknowledge any... Read more

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