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My wife and I have had one of their lousy king beds for about 2 years now and I can say with absolute certainty that this is the worst bed we have ever owned. I cannot wait to get rid of this POS. We have both developed back pain from this bed and have not had a good nights sleep in months. I cannot wait to get rid of it. If I lived on a farm or acreage I would derive great pleasure from putting this bed in a bonfire and dancing around the... Read more

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I highly recommend anyone who wants to consider the Original Mattress Factory to go someplace else. I purchased a Serenity PLUSH mattress and box set. After almost 30 days the mattress smells so bad that I cannot sleep on it. I took a 2 hour nap on it and woke up with a sore throat, nasal congestion, headache and achy joints. The company does not want to return my money. This was a $1,700 mistake. Whatever they put in that mattress is deadly and... Read more

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You don't always get what you pay for! Expensive and started sagging within a few weeks. Save yourself some headaches ( and backaches) and pass on this place. We bought the Europlush and have been sorry ever since. There is a big hump going down the middle of the mattress! Add comment

I was not informed when I purchased a mattress that if it was to be returned and exchanged, I will NOT get the difference of price back! After spending hours of trying other mattresses (I even took in my pillow and a fitted sheet to test to make sure I chose the right one), at no point did the sales staff inform me of this nor gave me the opportunity to read the disclaimer. Still going through the process of rectifying this as it was a $1000... Read more

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I bought the top of the line Europlush mattress for $1800 and was horrified to find how uncomfortable my first night sleep was. This bed was recommended as a side sleeper to me. Within a month of side sleeping, both my shoulders were so sore I could barely lift my arms at work. Never did I imagine I would be unhappy with this bed, so I neglected to pay attention to the return policy or lack of. They will only offer an exchange within their line.... Read more

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I bought two mattresses from the Original Mattress Factory. Both Mattresses uncomfortable and hard to sleep on. The Original Mattress Factory did not live up to their warranty. Advertisement is incorrect. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rat the Original Mattress Factory and their products a minus 5. Don't believe their advertisements and don't buy their product. They were contacted several times about the mattress. The mattress has to big... Read more

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We first walked in to the Original Mattress store, feeling good about our mattress shopping. We had stopped at two other stores and since Original Mattress is listed in Consumer Report we decided to check it out. There was nothing great about Original Mattress products in the Consumer Report, but nothing bad either and at a good price. First thing the guys says is, "While you test out this mattress let me tell you how we make the mattress". I... Read more

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Worst post sale customer service ever!!! I has an issue two days after I bought a $850 mattress at their Chanhassen MN location. They gave me the ru around and then in the end they called me a liar. All I wanted was a credit for the terrible service I received. RUN FROM THIS COMPANY! They only care about locking in a sale. Ive had better customer a Service with Comcast and Sears. Add comment

Purchased a queen size orthopedic pillow top and box spring version at the Rock Hill SC store . I realize this was a value priced option and was drawn in by the ads. NEVER again. This is by far the worst product i have ever purchased in bedding. Depressions that they never would warranty are #1 complaint. It was rotated religiously ever 4 months. I cringe everytime I see or hear an ad. They advertise a lot...I understand why. They have to do... Read more

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What a rip off. We paid a fortune for a mattress and in less than two years it had broken down. The price we paid for this mattress was more than any other brand name mattress. I thought we were going to at least get a good quality mattress. We rotated and flipped the mattress every six months. Both sides of the mattress had depressions.  When we called the factory we were told that the depressions were normal.  I would never... Read more

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