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Both our adult children purchased queen sized pillow top mattresses over 10 years ago. They loved them especially since The Original Mattress Factory is one of the few if not the only company still making a double sided mattress. Yes, the pillow is on both the top and bottom. We bought one ourselves, also a queen, and have been very pleased with it also. Yes, these mattresses will show body impressions even with frequent rotation and turning... Read more

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I purchased a Queen medium support mattress and box spring from Original Mattress Co. At first it was nice, then started sinking in the middle. I called and they sent a guy out to look. He said I probably need a firm mattress and to buy the metal support they have, or to put books under my bed for additional support. I decided to do what he said and bought another (firm) mattress from them. They took away the first mattress for donation. The... Read more

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I was VERY concerned when our King Orthopedic Eurotop mattress was first delivered, as it came folded down the center, as if it had an internal hinge on the long axis. The delivery men assured me that this 180 degree bend was fully normal, and the initial bend would not affect the mattress performance. The mattress was very good at first...but over a short period of about 2 years, it became apparent that the bend line was becoming... Read more

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My dad recently purchased a king and a full matress. He decide to return king since really didn't need it. But he bought the matress pad and when I went to return it; they said cant return it. It was never brought to our attention that it couldn't be return. Upset that the sales guy did that to a senior citizen. $60 is a lot of money for him. My whole family has purchased mattresses from Maplewood, MN store never had issues before. In 8 years... Read more

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Purchased the King, before I read this. My bad. 11 months and the mattress has become non-supportive, sages on the sides. Have to flip it weekly to get any kind of a good sleep. Called them, they stated they will send someone out to check mattress. That person informs me they only work until 3pm. I work until 4. Now I suppose to *** work because they don't build a quality product. From the reviews on this site none of the issues have got... Read more

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I made the mistake of buying a king mattress from original mattress factory because we loved out queen. We flip the mattress every month just as your supposed to and we still have big indents where we lay with a huge hump in the middle. We complained and they took our mattress in to the factory and supposedly repaired it. a week without our bed and we get it back. Felt ok at first but after a week it was worse than before, we even get back aches... Read more

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Please read this and save yourself a piece of mind and money! Bought 02/17/2015, the king-orthopedic ultra plush set! Never been so disappointed in a bed. Body indentasions stay in mattress, misable sleep, when partner moves at night you fill the effects from their movement like old water beds. My back constantly hurts now, not a good nights sleep any night! $1300.00 down the tubes!!! Pay attention, aweful Read more

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Not a good Mattress.....way overpriced and creppy pushy sales. ...espicialy some guy named Myron in The Beaver Valley Pennsylvania store. What a *** he was. Go sonewhere can do better.

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$4000.00 down the drain. Purchased the adjustable King mattress. Within months a big DENT, I called them. They sent a guy out he LAYED on his back moved across mattress. Said it was ok. Purchased 7/2015 that was 1/16. So in July 2016 Called again. Same result. It is so deflated I feel like I am rolling out of the bed. It's been that way since the first few months. Big joke , the reviews they show you from"consumers guide". Shop around. Go with... Read more

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Honestly, your search is over, you've come to the right place. Get. this. mattress. I can't stand the hate for this life-changing mattress for multiple beds for multiple homes in our family. This isn't just a quick "it felt comfy quick testing it in the store & was great" flimsy review... We have had the best experience, loving coming home to sleep in our favorite bed of all time for YEARS! The ORTHOPEDIC PREMIERE SUPER PILLOW TOP Mattress... Read more

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