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I made the mistake of buying a king mattress from original mattress factory because we loved out queen. We flip the mattress every month just as your supposed to and we still have big indents where we lay with a huge hump in the middle. We complained and they took our mattress in to the factory and supposedly repaired it. a week without our bed and we get it back. Felt ok at first but after a week it was worse than before, we even get back aches... Read more

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Please read this and save yourself a piece of mind and money! Bought 02/17/2015, the king-orthopedic ultra plush set! Never been so disappointed in a bed. Body indentasions stay in mattress, misable sleep, when partner moves at night you fill the effects from their movement like old water beds. My back constantly hurts now, not a good nights sleep any night! $1300.00 down the tubes!!! Pay attention, aweful Read more

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Not a good Mattress.....way overpriced and creppy pushy sales. ...espicialy some guy named Myron in The Beaver Valley Pennsylvania store. What a *** he was. Go sonewhere can do better.

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$4000.00 down the drain. Purchased the adjustable King mattress. Within months a big DENT, I called them. They sent a guy out he LAYED on his back moved across mattress. Said it was ok. Purchased 7/2015 that was 1/16. So in July 2016 Called again. Same result. It is so deflated I feel like I am rolling out of the bed. It's been that way since the first few months. Big joke , the reviews they show you from"consumers guide". Shop around. Go with... Read more

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Honestly, your search is over, you've come to the right place. Get. this. mattress. I can't stand the hate for this life-changing mattress for multiple beds for multiple homes in our family. This isn't just a quick "it felt comfy quick testing it in the store & was great" flimsy review... We have had the best experience, loving coming home to sleep in our favorite bed of all time for YEARS! The ORTHOPEDIC PREMIERE SUPER PILLOW TOP Mattress... Read more

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This is the most uncomfortable experience I've had on a mattress. Two days after sleeping on it I woke up in pain; the third night I slept on my sofa. I complained, received a piece of foam and a song and dance about getting adjusted to it, maybe up to 30 days. I need my sleep and can't wait that long for a decent non tossing, turning, sofa nights sleep. The foam did not help. They offer a comfort upgrade but you are out $250 (depending on your... Read more

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Bought top of line euro top orthopedic King. Flipped the heavy two sided regularly and had tons of support under bed to floor. Developed deep four inch body impressions and we got severe back and hip pain. Raleigh NC Original Mattress came to house in a filthy van. Came in and refused to inspect and voided warranty over a small stain. We bought their recommended protector. Stain went thru supposedly waterproof protector. They said file a claim... Read more

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We purchased from them 2-3 months ago. Salesman was great, delivery was great and the mattress is the most comfortable I have ever slept on. No more stiffness in the morning. I have recommended to several others.

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Bought a double sided queen from these guys 4 years ago. Was thinking their 12 year warranty meant something. Unfortunately, within the 4 years even with constant flipping, had huge depressions and apparently a broken spring. Contacted the ORiginal Mattress Factory and they supposedly fixed it, but would not consider giving us prorated refund. At this point we were dealing with the OMF owner, who seemed to find the whole situation amusing and... Read more

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