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We bought a King Size bed and Box springs and within 3 months, we noticed sagging in the bed. I understand there will be some sagging but within 3 MONTHS, that is ridiculous.

We flipped the mattress every other week as the salesman said to do to no advantage. I started having back pain, so We went back to the store and they have something where they will 're-stuff' your bed for $70 so we did that. Same thing, more sagging and the measely little 1 year warranty is a scam. I now have a problems going into my sciatic nerve from this *** of ***, going the chiropractor and sleeping in my spare bedroom.

This company is HORRIBLE.

If it sags in 3 months, imagine what it does within a year... Don't waste your time at this store.

Review about: Original Mattress Factory Mattress.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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I'm calling B.S. on you too!

First, what you are calling "sagging" is the result of foam compression, aka body impressions. And no, seeing body impressions within the first 3 months is not "ridiculous". Will happen to ALL foam, not just so-called "cheap" foam. And furthermore, the heavier a person is, the quicker it will form. I'm sure you are a 120lb willow.

Second, OMF does not "re-stuff" mattresses for customers, especially at any charge. Remember, your bed was 3 months old and still within the 12-month comfort time period where an exchange would have been offered.

Third, go to their web site and see if you can find any of their mattresses with a "measely little 1-year warrantee" as you spoke of. I can't find any.

Fourth, are you saying that sleeping on any manufactures 3-month old bed is going to be responsible for sciatic nerve problems?

You don't deserve an OMF bed!

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