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I bought a full mattress, box spring, and a frame. Once I got it home I could not fit the box spring up the stairs and so I stored it in the common area until I had time to take it back to the store.

Once I could take it back to the store, which was only 4 days later, they would not take the mattress because it was "used" but i did not use the mattress at all.

This is ridiculous and i will not ever buy another mattress here EVER. I do not understand how the fact that it was in my home but it was unused no one has slept on it or lied on it at all.

Review about: Original Mattress Factory Mattress.

Monetary Loss: $460.

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I've bought several mattresses from the original mattress factory. It's very clear on the policy of no returns, as well as the sales agents make it very clear they won't allow it which is why they encourage you to take your time to make a good decicion.

In fact, quite often you have to wait for the mattress to be made and I live in an adjacent town from their plant.

It's not their fault you didn't measure or that you assumed they would have a return policy like some big box store. They're a good company that makes great mattresses.


Would you be happy if a mattress store gave you a mattress set that had been in another customers house "for just 4 days"?


Unfortunately mattress and bedding companies, have to be very careful with what they allow back in their stores.

Due to the proliferation of bed bugs, companies take a large risk of liability when they allow returns. Strict return policies are in place to prevent the spread of this insidious pest.

Customers should feel comfortable knowing that the Original Mattress Factory does not except returns or exchanges as a way to prevent the possible contamination of their customers homes and of course to avoid possible law suits.

While it is a very strict policy The Original Mattress Factory does tell customers specifically on bedding products that they do not accept returns or exchanges once the product has left their possession.

That said they also cover the split boxspring option with all customers who purchase Full or Queen sized bedding. Split Boxsprings are made to fit up even tough stairwells. They are a small $50 upgrade when you buy a set, and are mentioned at the point of sale. The return policy was also covered.

That said the Original Mattress Factory has policys in place which would have allowed you to have that boxspring replaced with a split boxspring for as little as $98.

Keep in mind what you would return to the Original mattress Factory would and could NOT be resold, the company is going to take a loss on that exchange replacement. SO they have established fair policies for people who made a mistake.

When purchasing any bedding product please listen and get the details of the return policies before you take the product. The Original Mattress Factory verbally explains this to every mattress customer, prints it on the invoice and in the warranty card. Customer need to be proactive.

Again a strict bedding return policy protects customers and the company from contaminating others with unwanted pests.

You can be certain when you buy from the Original Mattress Factory that any thing you purchase has not been in some elses home home. Boxes and plastic packaging due not prevent the spread of Bed Bug Larva.

Your replacement option on these products is outlined under non-warranty info in the Company Warrnaty Card and on their website.

I hope this was helpful.


Purchased a bed frame, then later changed my mind regarding what I wanted. It was still in the unopened box, and they refused to consider taking it back.

They told me their policy was once anything goes out their door, that's it. No returns of anything under any circumstances. Would be nice if they told you that when you made a purchase. NEVER use this company.

At least I didn't spend a ton of money like the numerous other people who have complained on this site. I will make a point of tellling people never to shop here.


Just another person not wanting to pay the deliverly charge. If he had it paid it the company would have come & set it up for you.

And if it didn'r fit into the room you wanted it to go, they would have returned it without any problems.

I know first hand. It happened to me.


You know there is this device called a tape measure that enables you to measure openings before you buy something that is inteded to go through those openings.

I don't blame them for not taking the thing back after you probably threw shoulder blocks into the thing and had it scraping all the way through your house.


Once an article of bedding is "put to bodily use by, on or about any person or animal", it is considered used... I would agree that once the mattress was removed from the plastic and stored in your house for four days, it is "on or about any person".

The handout also mentions they are following the laws of Connecticut, North Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania with that policy. That same handout all has a "Before the Day of Delivery" section that asks you to check your stairways and hallways for clearance as you may need a two piece box spring and that they are available.

I suspect you could have come to an acceptable resolution with getting a split box spring. But obviously it is much better tell people not to buy because you cant understand the documentation that makes the return policy crystal clear.


My guess is that once it's in your house and on your floor and against your walls, it is considered used. If you found out that a mattress that was delivered to your home was in another persons house you would not like it would you


would you want a pair of underwear I took home for four days? with bed bugs and all the other *** going around these days just learn to keep what you bought and shut up!


Did you open it? If so, it was used. I am doing enough research before I purchase to know that is true.

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