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Kids will be kids but my mattress needed to be replaced due to the box spring collapsing. The sales man told me that as long as I bought the middle piece for the mattress frame that the warranty would be valid.

Well the time came and the person came out to view the mattress and called about a week later saying that they would not replace! So basically I spent $80.00 extra for nothing.

My total sale was almost $3,000 and I could not get anything in return!!!!! I am truly a pissed customer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Do not buy from them if you are buying for children!

Review about: Original Mattress Factory Mattress.

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Oak Grove, Kentucky, United States #759410

where did you buy your mattress?


...You also need to take an IQ test if you spend "$3000" on a kids mattress... lol...

retard. That's the price of like... 3 of Original Mattress's top of the line queen sets.

I think this reviewer must work for Simmons or something. What a loser.


We do have a warranty on all of our products, which covers defects, errors in workmanship and/or body impressions that are greater than an inch and a half. As is stated in our warranty, it does not cover abuse and is also void if your product is stained.

In this instance, it sounds as though the box spring was indeed abused.

As such, the warranty is void and we cannot replace the product for you. In addition, please note that our center rails are $18 for a metal style frame and $20 for a wood style frame.


You should have to take an IQ test before posting anything. This would eliminate posts from people like this.

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