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Well I wish I had looked at this site before I bought my king size mattress at The Original Mattress Factory in North Olmsted, Ohio.At first it was great, but after less than four years, my complaints are all the same as everyone else's: huge body indentations, and I am in agony every night with pressure points.

After less than 4 years, we will have to purchase a new mattress. And as every other consumer said, we have flipped the mattress faithfully as well. What a waste of money!

Obviously we didn't get a "bad mattress" but this must be the "norm" of their quality instead of the exception.All these comments, is a very sad comment on this company and it's merchandise.

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Cleveland, Ohio, United States #789289

We have the same exact issue with our King mattress and it is less than 4 years old.After complaining to them multiple time to have a technician come check it they tricked us into buying a new frame from them and a pillow topper to help with the comfort.

After throwing that money down the tube the mattress still SUCKS! we can't even sleep through the night without waking up in pain and having to walk around and stretch.

Half the nights I end up on a two-seater couch curled up and its more comfortable than the mattress.We are at our wits end and refuse to pay over $1,000 for another mattress when ours is less than 4 years old.


Folks, look at any of these post for any of the brand name mattresses and you will find one thing in common- SOFT BEDS SAG.

The more upholstery you put in a bed the more there is to compress, that is what sagging is compression of the padding.

It is a trade off a soft bed can feel great but you are way more likely to get impressions.

Firmer beds have less foam and typically denser padding materials. If you can learn to sleep on a middle firm or firmer you will get a mattress that holds up better.

If you buy a soft bed plan on replacing it sooner.

A fact not exclusive to the Original Mattress Factory but consistent through the entire industry.

Oh additionally there is more profit margin in softer beds so what do you think companies want to sell, and sell more often.

OMF has great products. Know what you are doing before you buy.


cut open a mattress from 30 years ago and compare it to the parts in them today.How many pillow top were made back then ???

Here is a really big clue there is a direct relationship with the amount of foam you get in your bed and the dip you can get in them. Horse hair was something use in the tops of mattresses. today beds are made of foam and more foam and the customers love the way they feel but hate the way they wear. The average mattress was 8 to 10 inches 30 years ago look at them they are 15-20 inches now.

Do you really think the coils in the mattress got any thicker....NO the stacked more foam on the top so now the foam compresses and you get a dip.

Its real rocket science I tell ya.I dont care what company you buy from but you better look at the other brands on here before you do.


Jim, Just like GMom says...they dont make them like they used to, yours was bought in 1993. I think that just about says it all !


I have the same problem the rest of the people on here have, the identations, mine in the middle of a queen.I am a single woman , sleeping alone so, I sleep in the middle.

Now I am having to sleep on the sides...they are still far. My matterss in now back at the factory to see if they can fix it, by tightening.

They did tell me that i could get a discount on an upgrade for 25 % of the cost.I will see how this tightening thig works....I really can't afford to pay even the discount price for a new one right now....wish I had seen this before I purchased it, only had it a year and a half.


I've had my mattress from original mattress now since 1993 and also have purchased other mattresses from them. I have yet to find a problem with their mattresses except that they are a little heavy, but if you want a quality mattress then heavy is what you get.


Well, sorry to disappoint, but I purchased a very high end Stearns-Foster and did not even get 4 years out of it.(They simply do not make ANY products like they used to anymore).

Seems like I wasted $2700.

We, too flipped and rotated our mattress and the manufacturer did nothing.Pitiful.

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