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We've tried to correct this in the store but no luck. We tried out the mattress several times in the chillicothe, oh store , paid in full, $1600+.

The mattress delivered wasn't even close to the comfort level of the one on the floor. We NEVER would have bought the mattress that was delivered. We have tried several times to resolve. The solutions offered have been: 1) wait 30 days for it to break it (we couldn't last 30 days on that thing) 2) offered to sell us some "˜super soft' foam to go on top (really?) 3) we could upgrade to a better bed (i.e.

more expensive) and only have to pay the difference. (now, why would we think that if we selected a "˜better' bed that the bed delivered would be the same as the one we tried on the floor? We would potentially just have MORE money tied up) It was explained to us that the mattress was like a new pair of shoes that are uncomfortable. If we used it, it would get better – just like shoes will be more comfortable after wearing for a while.

Well, I don't buy shoes that aren't comfortable in the hopes that they will "˜eventually' fit comfortably. I think it's more like test driving a 6 cylinder and ending up with a 4 cylinder. We never would have bought the mattress that was delivered.

They need to put up a sign that says "BEWARE – the mattress you are trying out is NOT the mattress that will be delivered to your house". Shame on you, OMF!

Product or Service Mentioned: Original Mattress Factory Mattress.

Monetary Loss: $1600.

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Same thing here! The delivered mattress isn’t close to the comfort of the one in the store.

Very unsatisfied. Upgraded from a cheap one we bought a year ago, it’s not much better and was triple the price.

$1200 down the drain (mattress only). I had a feeling I should cancel the order, after the salesman said he’d thank us in a month (presumably when he received his commission), should’ve went with my gut.


Got the plushest $1500 king mattress set. We are now sleepless!!

Hard as a rock. Now we're STUCK with the set because the store does not give a refund. Go to someone else for a mattress. Once these people get your money, that's it.

The silly and worthless consumer complaint gestures are transparent. Why would I want replacement or substitute JUNK as an answer to junk I just bought?


it is a brilliant scam, really! The TAG on the mattress says the name of the thing you ordered..but it is NOT the same product.

The materials inside the floor model are completely different than the one they bring to your house. How can you prove it? It is your word against theirs. Fortunately, the internet has compiled the words of the consumers who have been scammed and the attorney general can investigate this fraud.

I will be making the call to the attorney generals office in the morning.

I have already heard all the same words from the store the others here have recounted.

If they will not give me my money back, then they can use that money to hire an attorney to defend themselves in their upcoming fraud suit. You made the bed, Original Mattress lie in it!(operative word being LIE)

No Sleep

LOL! That is the story they always say.

Mainly I think hoping that you will never return here to say Nope I got the right mattress and so other buyers will see this and say Oh look they are a concerned Company and most likely that person got the wrong thing. OK what they are really saying is that We are most likely incompetent so this might happen. But in reality we just want to sucker in more buyers to our garbage mattresses by seeming concerned about our reviews.

And our policies make it that we will either never give you your money back or make this right. But we might sucker you out of more money for an even more expensive piece of junk that we sell.

to No Sleep #585859

What company do you sell for no sleep?


If you think that you received the wrong mattress, we would be happy to have a service represenative come out to your home to inspect it for you. If it is simply an issue of comfort, we do have a 1 year Comfort Policy that allows you to re-select a different model one time within the first year.

You simply have to pay a 25% change fee and any applicable retail upcharge or delivery costs. We recommend that you first try a piece of foam before you pay to take advantage of the Comoft Policy to ensure that you really do like a softer feel.

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