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I hear the same stories everyone else hears. Just sleep on it for 30 days it needs broke in. It's like a new pair of shoes it needs broken in. Yeah sorry as the one lady stated I don't buy uncomfortable shoes just to torture my feet for 30 days just to break them in.

The mattress in the store was soft. This thing they delivered was Cement blocks with a cotton cover. It has so many pressure points that if you sleep on your side your arm will go numb. If I break this in for 30 days I will be crippled for life. I have slept at dive motels with better mattresses than this.

I called the main office just to get some secretary that answered the phone and gave me the same stories you read on here. We bought the Euro Pillow Top. More like the Lowes Cement Block Top with Horse hair from some European Horse.

So then their story is now "Well that is our most softest mattress (god help anyone who buys anything below this because this is not soft in the least) we make. All you can do is buy our Latex Innerspring mattress at a 25 % Restocking fee plus the difference between the two mattresses and pay those and you can have the latex one and the difference would cost you 843.00 more.

Are you kidding me. I would rather sleep outside on the dirt ground before I ever drop another dime in their company. We will be looking for a new mattress and I will dump this on anyone with 50 bucks in their pocket. Next time I will not listen to my cheap wife and research and spend whatever I have to to get a good mattress.

Please do not buy from this Mattress Company. Their Mattress are not the same as in the store. They Will NOT let you take them back due to what they say is a bed bug policy. And give you the run around telling you just give it time to wear in. Horrible Policies and Horrible Mattresses. Save yourself the money and buy cement blocks from Lowes and a piece of foam from Micheal's Craft store and you will have their same mattress.

Review about: Original Mattress Factory Mattress.

Monetary Loss: $1300.


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I love all the mattress 'experts' who are chiming in, like you know the physics/mechanics of sleep mattresses after researching the Internet.LOL.


Look at the actual construction of the OMF mattress and ESPECIALLY the springs. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that if you use huge round springs, you are going to have small spots where support is non-existent. Then they actually tie the springs together so if your partner moves or even blinks- your going to feel it.

I REALLY WANT to support OMF, as they are made in the USA.Alas, I cannot....they are just plain awful.


I have to second this persons post.I did the same thing.

I bought a mattress without doing a lot of research and ended up with this GARBAGE set from original mattress factory. It's like sleeping on a granite mushroom. It's rock hard and you slip off the bed on the edges because it has a 'slope'. Don't believe me?

Buy one and find out. Wait. Don't.

Seriously.I wouldn't send this mattress to my worst enemy.


You want to sell your mattress for $500?

I'm sure I can get a block of concrete (cement is wet concrete) from Lowes for way less than that, even with the cost of a cover! LOL

Do you deliver for free?


The mattress you bought is 16" thick and is their softest mattress. Check their website, they have all their information in plain view there and at their stores. Check your facts about the "25% restocking fee" as well because such a thing does not exist.


Thanks for sharing Interesting post.

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Blame everyone but yourself no sleep.

No Sleep
to Duh Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #760183

I do blame myself.I blame myself for not investigating the complaints against You the Original Mattress factory.

Obviously this person is someone who is VESTED in the company. Also I will add this for people. DON'T BELIEVE THEIR BED BUG STORY. There is no such law.

We got rid of their junkie mattress and replaced it with another company. We went of all places to Costco. They told us if you buy from us there is no problem on bringing the mattress back. Well we did just that.

We bought a mattress that we did not like. We brought it back and they gave us our money back. No Questions asked.

We then picked a different mattress and that was a good one. See these guys do not want to give you your money back.

They sell junk and they know it. They tell people lies to keep the money. So my advice to everyone is to ask questions FIRST. If they have a no return policy.

Then there is a reason for that policy.Most likely they sell junk.

to No Sleep #880910

Another Costco employee! Yeah, I believe you comments!


hey smart guy. there is no such thing as an inter spring latex mattress

No Sleep
to big guy Richmond, Virginia, United States #760639

Well there is no such thing as a bed bug law but that is what they told me too.They will tell you anything to get you off the phone.

Tell you to have your kids jump on it to break it in. What is it a trampoline?

You can call me what you want.Bottom line is your mattresses suck.

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