I bought a mattress at OMF about 2.5 years ago. It was one of their "top of the line" ORTHOPEDIC EUROTOP.

I have a close friend who used to work there, so that was a major reason I trusted that I would get a good mattress at a good price. The salesman was really nice and informative and I thought I had made good purchase. For the first year and a half I loved the mattress and slept well on it. I have shoulder and back problems, so I need something supportive for my back, but soft enough so it doesn't put too much pressure on my shoulder (I am a side sleeper).

After about year and a half, I started waking up with hip pain (had never had this before). I thought it might just be a new joint problem for me until my girlfriend started waking up with hip pain also.What has happened is the cheap foam in the mattress has lost its supportive capabilities and my hips are sinking to far into it now. OMF will replace the mattress if it gets a 1.5 inch rut in it, however the foam does expand back out when I am not on it (so the rut is not 1.5 inches), but, like I said, doesn't properly support my hips anymore. I have folded up a comforter and placed it where my hips are to give me more support and the hip pain is gone.

It is not comfortable to sleep on, but I at least don't wake up with hip pain now.I rotated the mattress weekly the whole time I had it, so that isn't the problem. It is the cheap foam they use.

So now I am stuck with an expensive 2.5 year old mattress that has shown to be very poor quality.Anyway, hope this helps. I don't usually write reviews but I have used them so much in my research, I thought I would try and give back.

Product or Service Mentioned: Original Mattress Factory Mattress.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #742395

I have the same problem as you. The foam layer caves in when you lay on it and there is no back support.

Mine lasted about 6 years and now it's shot.

Like you, the foam is not caved in when you aren't laying on it.....no warranty. Good bye OMF....and good riddence.

to Back pain dude #742759

"the foam is not caved in when you aren't laying on it" duh! Now that's intelligent! You should have to take an IQ test before being able to buy a mattress!

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