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Worst experience ever - do not buy one! We shopped every mattress provider to find a replacement for our beloved pillow top.

We chose the Original Mattress Company and their pillow top Luxury mattress based on what we thought was a reputable company who used only high quality materials and construction. We tested out all kinds of mattresses including the sleep number and decided on this one. What we didn't realize was their customer service is the PITS! When the mattress arrived we contacted the store and asked why it felt SO different from what we laid on in the show room.

We were told it would 'settle' and to 'give our bodies time to adjust' to it. Well, after just 90 days, this mattress had very deep impressions, grooves even from where my husband and I lay while sleeping. They were so deep that we took pictures and contacted the store again. This time we were told someone would need to come to our one to inspect the mattress.

He gingerly led us to believe that maybe we just chose the wrong type of mattress and should move up to highest quality mattress they sell which would cost us another $700 put of pocket plus delivery charges. We just want the mattress we thought we were buying so we said no, perhaps the mattress was poorly constructed and being only 90 days old, no mattress should look like this. What we were told was that they would send a truck to pick up our mattress to take back to the warehouse. There they would take it apart and determine if it was correctly made and if not, would correct it and bring it back in couple days.

And just what were we supposed to sleep on during this time? The floor? The couch? Are you kidding me???

It's not even 90 days old - it's the holidays and I'm not one to even return my food to the kitchen must less my mattress? No thanks. Well then we were told the impressions were visible but not deep enough to warrant a replacement. REALLY?

So we're stuck with a mattress that's now 6 months old with impressions now 1.5 inches deep before we lay down. The middle of the mattress is a hill from top to bottom of hard packed material. The sides where we sleep are so deep that when you lay down you have to roll up the center hill just to roll over. and the sides are sucked so far in that you can't roll over.

Even with the bed made with fluffy down comforters, you can visibly see this hill and the side impressions. So how deep do they need to be? When we finally find out we'll include that in our next post and report to the Better Business Bureau.

In the mean time, I hope this will help others who just want a good nights sleep. Everyone should know what a horrible experience this has been.

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